Boiling Mind

  • Monday, Dec 6, 2021

BoilingMind is an embodied performance project based on artistic practices and multi-disciplinary collaborations (Session House dancer team, HCI researchers, and wearable computing researchers). We are guided by an interest in the link between performers and audience members, and the wider question of what makes live performance special.

There were one preliminary dance performance and one main final performance ( presented as the artistic product. Both researchers and artists contributed to developing the concept during the iterative process to balance research and artistic interests. This process was mainly led by artists, especially the choreographer.

Besides the predetermined story and design, the choreographer was collaborating with us allowing some improvisational parts where music and dancers could respond to the feedback from the audience. During the performance, the physiological data of the audience was captured using custom built smart wristbands. The physiological data includes heartbeats, EDA, and the LF/HF ratio related to the heart rate variability. The staging elements changed based on the audience’s physiological data.

Exploratory Analysis of Physiological Dataset

Besides triggering the staging effects, the audience physiological data were also recorded at the same time. We collected 98 audience multi-modal signals over three one-hour performances following one choreography design. By ruling out incomplete or noisy data records, we have 80 sets of data for our later data analysis. In our exploratory analysis, we calculated HRV (LF/HF ratio and pNN50) and EDA (EDA change and EDA extrema)features from filtered signal data. We correlated to the performance design especially the choreography design and generated a mapping from the data analysis (submission under review).

[1] Sugawa, Moe, Taichi Furukawa, George Chernyshov, Danny Hynds, Jiawen Han, Marcelo Padovani, Dingding Zheng, Karola Marky, Kai Kunze, and Kouta Minamizawa. “Boiling Mind: Amplifying the Audience-Performer Connection through Sonification and Visualization of Heart and Electrodermal Activities.” In Proceedings of the Fifteenth International Conference on Tangible, Embedded, and Embodied Interaction, pp. 1-10. 2021.

[2]Fu, Zhuoqi, Jiawen Han, Dingding Zheng, Moe Sugawa, Taichi Furukawa, Chernyshov George, Hynds Danny et al. “Boiling Mind-A Dataset of Physiological Signals during an Exploratory Dance Performance.” In Augmented Humans Conference 2021, pp. 301-303. 2021.


Project Lead/Artistic Direction/Dancer: Moe Sugawa

ScreenPlay/Dancer: Mademoiselle Cinema

Stage Direction: Session House

Stage Director | Choreography Naoko Ito, Shunsuke Nabeshima, Miho Ishiseki, Aio Uno

Technical Direction: Yasushi Furukawa

Design, Operations: Yuuto Kawasaki, Yurike Chandra, Arima Shun

Adapitve Lighting: Marcelo Padovani

Adaptive Sound/Music Design: Danny Hynds

Wearable Sensing/Analysis/Research: George Chenyshov, Dingding Zheng, Jiawen Han, Kirill Ragozin, Karola Marky, Jamie A. Ward, Zhuoqi Fu

Technical Supervision: Kota Minamizawa, Kai Kunze

Dataset Analysis: Jiawen Han, Jamie Ward, Kai Kunze, Zhuoqi Fu


This project is supported by JST CREST and JST Moonshot programs.